Michael Jackson Symbolism Series

As we know, Michael Jackson was against illuminati. But did we notice all his symbols in his work? To answer this question I would recommend you to watch all series of ‘Michael Jackson Symbolism’. Here is the first part:

At the moment 18 parts were made. You can find other parts at the author’s channel.


Michael Jackson’s Illuminati Warning in This Is It Movie

Another Michael’s warning about illuminati that, unfortunately, hasn’t been noticed.

Michael Jackson’s Anti-Illuminati Message in ‘We’ve Had Enough’

Michael Jackson was one of those people, who never afraid to say the truth and to fight for it. He did it until the end. But looks like a lot of people aren’t getting into messages that he was leaving in his work, primarily in his music.

John F. Kennedy’s Speech

We’ll start from very important speech by John F. Kennedy. Besides it, video also include information about present government.